Q. How much are the management fees?

Our fees vary based on property size, location and services provided. Contact your local Book by Office for pricing.

Q. Does Book by Owner provide a housekeeping service?

Yes. Each Book by Owner office can provide housekeeping service. Contact your local Book by Office for pricing.

Q. Is housekeeping included in the management fee?

No. Housekeeping is billed per occurrence in addition to the management fee on a monthly basis

Q. Does Book by Owner provide bookings for me?

A. Yes. If you do not have the time or desire to market and book your property yourself, Book by Owner has several Marketing & Booking partners that can provide this service for you through our BBO Plus program. Pricing for the BBO Plus program varies by individual booking partner, Contact your local Book by Office for pricing.

Q. How often will my property be inspected?

Property inspections are performed by trained Book by Owner employees following each departure. Book by Owner does NOT rely on housekeepers to perform property inspections. If you have had no departures for more than 2 weeks an extended absence inspection is automatically provided. By working with Book by Owner you have peace of mind knowing someone you trust that is familiar with your property is caring for your home.

Q. Do I receive an inspection report?

Yes. Inspection reports are filed electronically following the inspection and immediately sent by email providing you documentation as to the condition of your property following each departure. Photos of any damage or evidence of misuse are included in the reports if applicable.

Q. Is maintenance included in the fee?

Yes. Our Property Inspectors are prepared to provide light maintenance during an inspection if a minor issue has been reported by the guest or discovered during an inspection.

Q. What happens if there is a maintenance emergency such as a lock out or water leak?

Book by Owner is available 24/7/365 to respond to emergencies reported by guests, neighbors, building managers or any parties with whom you wish to designate Book by Owner as your local point of contact. Many resort areas now REQUIRE a local contact be provided as part of the legal registration of a vacation rental.

Q. Am I required to pay Sales & Lodging Taxes and if so do you pay them for me?

All vacation rental owners are likely subject to registration and required to pay local taxes based on the rental income collected. Book by Owner has partnered with www.HotSpotTax.com to provide our owners a simple and affordable way to maintain vacation rental tax compliance. We encourage all property owners currently renting or considering renting their vacation home to contact HotSpot to obtain the tax requirements in your area. You can also find tax rates instantly by using their online Tax Rate Lookup Tool. Book by Owner does not remit or pay taxes or fees on behalf of property owners.